61st Season Patron Letter

As we prepare for the 61st seasons (COVID-19 makes live performances interesting) at Zanesville Community Theatre, it is important to take a moment to reflect on our past and ponder our future. The Board of Directors of Zanesville Community Theatre has spent many hours doing both in preparation for the ”Setting the Stage for Growth” initiative. The common thread that was woven through the fabric of reflection and pondering is that the current Board of Directors wishes to ensure that many future generations have the opportunity to experience fine performance art right here in their own backyards at Zanesville Community Theatre.

The goal of the Board is the preservation of this grand, historic building and Zanesville Community Theatre to have an energy-efficient safe and comfortable home where generations can continue to learn, cultivate and nurture the craft of live theatre and our patrons can continue to enjoy quality performances.

The year 2016 saw the completed installation of a new roof (Vendor: Saup-Hartley) with funds from the State of Ohio and Troy Balderson's office, and the renovation of the Women’s restroom thanks to the initiative, hard work and dedication of the Board of Directors in securing grant funding, local match for these funds from the Board of Directors and other private donors. These projects were the catalyst for the "Setting the Stage for Growth" initiative.

With the continued help of our community, this initiative can fund projects such as sealing the exterior envelope of the building as well as the interior and dome of the building to help prevent loss of heating and cooling (COMPLETED in January 2022, Vendors: Roger Touvell HVAC, Inc and Hittle Electric Inc.), making the building safer and more energy-efficient. Replacement of audience seating and theater lighting (resulting in a reduction of our electrical load from 18,000 watts to 8,000 watts per rehearsal and/or performance) will add to increased patron comfort when attending productions at Zanesville Community Theatre.

The Board of Directors of Zanesville Community Theatre wishes to thank this community for their support over the last 60+ years and hopes that you will join them as they preserve the community theatre tradition in Zanesville by "Setting the Stage for Growth".