About: Board of Directors

2023-2024 61st Season


  • Jillian B. Von Gunten – President
  • Eric Blake – Vice President
  • Carleton Underwood – Treasurer
  • Sarah Gantzer – Recording Secretary
  • Sue Barzda – OCTA Delegate


  • Susan Bardza
  • Eric Blake
  • Sarah Gantzer
  • Steven Hendershott
  • Jan Kiikka
  • Angel Palmer
  • Ashley Bondurant
  • Pamela Smith
  • Cary Stotts
  • Jillian B. Von Gunten


  • An interest and support of the arts.
  • A desire to actively encourage participation and appreciation of the arts.
  • An understanding that the arts reflect the diversity of creativity, personality and community.
  • Assistance with projects, programs or other activities in line with the overall objectives of the ZCT.
  • Assistance with the development of financial support systems for the theatre and related activities.
  • Attendance and participation in ZCT board and committee meetings.

Annual membership dues and donations as appropriate.


Board members meet once a month. The meeting includes current information on the condition of the theatre in terms of income, play schedule, community projects, physical building costs and repairs. Committees are established and developed to assist with various special projects or to review opportunities for funding or community service.


As a board member you have the right to request the formation of a committee to investigate or carry out any board approved special project. It is understood that no project will be allowed to start without board approval. In the event of an emergency, the ZCT president is empowered to take action with the requirement of presentation to the board at the first available meeting of the board.


ZCT members and board members are encouraged to assist the theatre in line with their ability. This donation in no way will be considered as a control mechanism. All donations will be considered as "blind donations." That is, donations by board members will be allocated to meet the needs of the theatre as directed by the board. It must be understood that donations are encouraged to help resolve the needs of the theatre which you will see and understand. Donations are not a requirement, assistance with resolving financial problems are a requirement.

Your participation as a ZCT board member gives you the opportunity to use your special skills to keep the performing arts alive and relevant. You have been invited to join the board because we need and want your help.


Revised: March 11, 2007