Director- Sheryl Wise
Assistant Director- Chad Stem
Producer- Jan Kiikka
Assistant Producer- Dakota McConaha
Technical Director- Carleton B. Underwood
Choreographer- Jillian B. Von Gunten

July 19, 20, 26, 27, 2019 | 8 pm
July 21 & 28, 2019 | 2:30 pm

The Cast of Characters:

Stone- Todd Lemmon
Stine- Steve Hendershott 
Donna/Oolie- Alaine Kay 
Gabby/Bobbi- Jillian B. Von Gunten 
Buddy/Irving- Rich Tolliver 
Carla/Alaura- Sarah Gantzer 
Werner/ Kingsley- Jan Smith 
Gerald/ Peter- Tyler Thompkins 
Avril/Mallory- Becca Wilson 
Pancho/Munoz- Jared Gantzer 
Angel City Four- Christy Rahrig, Kevin Rahrig, Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Cain 
Jimmie Powers- Aaron Staley
Ensemble- Lura Brannon, Jeanine Busey, Margi Wysong, Ashley Scott,
Pam Orians, Lan Le, Jane Ann Perry


Conductor/Keyboard- Sheryl Wise
Keyboard- Mary Beth Ward
Drums- Bill Albright
Percussion- Maureen Montgomery
Bass- Jim Frady
Reeds- Jessie Barnhouse, Sue Barzda, Cameron Scott, Amber Allen, Darci Robinson, Pam Orians
Trumpets- Brandon Barnes, Gavin Newton, Katelyn Angel
Trombones- Alex Clark, Matt Harrison, Kevin Peters
Guitar- Phil Sakal
Violin- Kara Kelly

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