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ZCT uses portable LED Work lights from to light
the back stage area as running lighting and as safety lighting. It’s greener and
safer than clip lights!  Not only do they come in blue (which we use) but
white and red.

In 1994, when ZCT was considering doing WORKING for the 1995-1996 season, Carl Underwood determined we needed a remote controlled clock. He sent out a request on the Stagecraft Mailing List and the former Technical Director of The Olde Globe Theatre in San Diego ( responded. He said he had a PLC version that had just come off a production of Damn Yankees. However, that was a bit rich for our blood. We settled on a manually operated clock that could slew 12-hours in 12-seconds as well as run forwards and backwards at top speed. It would also keep pretty good time. And, you could advance to the next time cue as needed. The operator does need to have line-of-sight to the clock face. And the controller is wired by a 6-conductor cable to the clock. Since ZCT’s first production of WORKING, the clock has appeared in numerous shows, at ZCT, at area high schools, and has been rented all over the country. It’s a great effect. Contact Carl Underwood via the Contact Us link for more information.

You just never know what challenges a Director will throw your way. The Director for OLIVER! (production in August 2012) said – we need a lighted fireplace. It has to read like a working fireplace. Must be controlled from the lighting console. Has to be able to come up with the scene and black out with the scene. In the middle of the stage. No wires. LOTS of kids. We said, we’ll work on that. We contacted Ben Peoples of Trinculo’s Attic in Pittsburgh, PA ( for help. He and his staff put together a fireplace effect that was wireless, battery operated, DMX-512, had a stand-alone mode or could be chased from the lighting console and could be faded up and down with the stage lights. All at a VERY affordable price.

Sometimes, Directors ask the seemingly impossible. Carl Underwood. ZCT’s resident Lighting Designer was watching a blocking rehearsal for the finale of Singin’ In The Rain (production in November 2012). He noticed the lamp post, which was on wheels, was moved from stage right to up center – asking the choreographer if it needed to be lighted, she said Of Course. So the fireplace guts used in OLIVER! became a lamp post – DMX-512 controlled, wireless, battery operated. The output from the LEDs were color corrected to more closely match the stage lighting. It worked well. Thanks to Ben Peoples of Trinculo’s Attic for assistance.

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Circus and Performing Arts is the SimplyCircus tutorials page.  If you are looking for FAQ’s, how-tos and other information on performing circus arts, this is a site you want to check out.

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