SETTING THE STAGE FOR GROWTH is an Initiative created by Zanesville Community Theatre, Inc. The goal of our Initiative is to raise funds for preservation and comprehensive capital improvements of our existing facility located in the McIntire Terrace Historic District of Zanesville, Ohio. The INITIATIVE runs from May 2017 through Summer of 2020.

Tentative Project Listing

• Sealing the exterior envelope to prevent air and moisture infiltration through the brickwork.

• Seal the inside dome (ceiling) to decrease the loss of heating and cooling air to the outside.

• Replace and repair the existing windows and doors with energy efficient materials while maintaining the historic look of the facility.

• New seating (including stepped risers, new flooring) in the theater to conform to ADA standards. Front row would remain as moveable seating for wheelchairs and other flexible seating needs.

• Replace and repair as needed the furnaces to provide even heating and cooling throughout the facility. Backstage area and audience areas should be separately controlled.

• Tankless gas-fired on-demand hot water heater to reduce our utility costs, with the capacity to handle 4 restrooms at once. The current system is an electric hot water storage tank.

• Upgrade the emergency lighting, aisle lighting and exterior lighting for the safety of our audiences, actors, and staff.

• Expand the electrical distribution to incorporate the infrastructure required for more energy efficient stage and house lighting systems.

• Insulate the front window above the double doors and decorate the exterior with an artistic design created by Rebecca Wagstaff.

• Replace the existing 30-plus-year-old stage dimmers with energy efficient dimming systems.

• Install modern trussing to hang lighting equipment and support modern equipment with integrated control and power wiring.

• Replace existing 30-plus-year-old duplex and wireless, production intercom system with one of modern design allowing us to expand the number and range of the belt-packs.

Other projects identified and developed once we begin the projects listed above.

All work will be done to code, proper permits will be pulled, as well as with the knowledge and consent of the Design and Review Board.

To make a donation by credit card, use this link:

You may also fill out a commitment card and mail it with your check or pledge to The Muskingum County Community Foundation, 534 Putnam Ave, Zanesville, Ohio 43701.
Commitment cards may be downloaded via this link: or request one to be mailed to you using the Contact Us form.
Please make all checks to Muskingum County Community Foundation and put in the memo line: ZCT-Setting the Stage for Growth.

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