Community Fundraisers

The Heating and Air Conditioning projects are COMPLETED and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

In our 1993-1994 season, we began a project to replace our older furnaces with higher efficiency ones. We also wanted to add air conditioning so we could increase our program year and have summer activities. We were able to raise enough money by September 1996 to replace the furnaces and decrease our heating costs by 33%!

Along the way, we hit a few bumps.

In late 1993, we learned we needed a new roof. At the same time funds were being raised to replace our existing furnaces, we had a similar fundraising project to replace the roof. In March 1998, the roof was replaced.

In May 2005, we added the first air conditioning unit to the audience area, making it possible to have a summer show without melting our actors or our audience members!

In April 2007, we discovered we needed to upgrade the electrical system in order to add any more air conditioning to the building. We had planned the lobby and backstage areas, but without an upgrade to the electrical service, this additional air conditioning would not be possible. We began a fundraising drive to upgrade the electrical service.

In February 2008, we received a grant from The Energy Cooperative Operation Round-Up Foundation for $3,000 to apply towards the electrical upgrade. We added that money to funds you contributed, as well as concessions and raffle tickets sold, and audience choice money collected. In June 2008, we had enough funds to hire Ball Electric, Inc. to do the work.

We also replaced the roof (again) in April 2008.

We’ve had a few unanticipated costs on the electrical and HVAC upgrades – Ferguson Certified Backflow Testing & Plumbing was hired to move the sprinkler piping away from the proposed location of the electrical panels. AEP installed a new transformer outside to carry the new HVAC loads.

In July 2008, we hired Roger Touvell HVAC, Inc. to install the two new air conditioning unites – one for the lobby and one for the backstage area.

We could not have done it without your unflagging support!

Thank you.