The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes (drama, dark)
by Lillian Hellman

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Directed by Eric Blake
Show Dates: Feb. 1, 2, 8, 9, 2019 - 8pm
Feb. 3, 10, 2019 - 2:30pm
Auditions: Nov. 4-5, 2018 - 7pm

$15-Adults, $10-Seniors(55+)/Military/Students, $5-Youth (12 and younger)
Adult language and situations

Picture a charming home in the South. Into this peaceful scene put the prosperous, despotic Hubbard family—Ben, possessive and scheming; Oscar, cruel and arrogant; Oscar’s son Leo, weak and unprincipled; Regina, wickedly clever—each trying to outwit the other. In contrast, meet lonely intimidated Birdie, whom Oscar wed for her father’s cotton fields; wistful Alexandra, Regina’s daughter; and Horace, ailing husband of Regina, between whom a breach has existed for years. The conflict in these lives has been caused by Ben’s ambition to erect a cotton mill. The brothers still lack $75,000 to complete the transaction. This, they hope, will come from Horace, who has been in a hospital with a heart ailment. Horace is beset by his relatives the first hour of his homecoming but refuses to commit himself. Desperate, Leo and Oscar plan for Leo to take $80,000 worth of bonds from Horace’s safe-deposit box. Horace, discovering the theft, informs his wife that he has willed the bonds to her, calling it a loan. Cruelly, Regina recalls their unhappy married life, causing Horace to be stricken with a severe attack. Then Regina blackmails her brothers into giving her 75% of the business instead of their planned 33 1/3%, or she will reveal their theft.

A milestone in American drama.

Audition Note:

The Little Foxes, Lillian Hellman’s 20th-century American classic drama, is set in a small town in the South in 1900. In order to maintain Hellman’s vision for this masterpiece, the supporting roles of Addie, a wise, kind, motherly figure and Cal, an honest, cheerful house servant need to be portrayed by persons of color. Auditions are always open and no pre-chosen material is necessary for auditions. I hope to see you at auditions!

Eric Blake, Director

Character Descriptions:

Regina is the wife of Horace, and mother of Regina. She is the only sister of the three Hubbard children including Ben and Oscar. She comes from a family that has cheated their community and the poor out of every cent they can. She desires the world financially, but her husband hasn't provided it so, she goes after it any way she can.
Ben is the eldest of the Hubbard clan and is in control of the decision-making. He's quick to ensure his interests are secured to any degree, including kindly betraying his family so long as he makes a profit.
Oscar is the third of the Hubbard trio. Married to Birdie in order that he and his siblings could lay claim to her family's cotton fortune. He's cruel to his wife and has driven her to drinking for solace. Their son, Leo is in banking and Oscar is quick to demand from Regina that Leo marry his first cousin, Alexandra in order that he gets the largest share from their new venture.
Birdie is the only true Southern Aristocrat. Married to Oscar, who has driven her to drinking as she learned too late that he married her for her families cotton money. She represents the fallen society of the South, a dream unfulfilled.
Alexandra is Horace and Regina's daughter. Regina wants to marry her off to her cousin, Leo, but Horace ensures that his daughter sees and hears the truth of who the Hubbards are, including her mother in order that she will not remain with them after his death.
Horace is Regina's husband. A store clerk turned banker who never had the same ambition for money as his wife. He is deathly ill, but determined to not go in to league with the Hubbards and their greed.
Leo is Oscar and Birdie's son. He works in banking for Horace and chooses to betray his uncle by stealing his bonds in order to ensure his father and uncle Ben get what they want
Addie is Alexandra Hubbard's black nanny; she has a keen sense of justice and she tries to protect Alexandra from the rapacity of the Hubbard family. She considers Ben, Oscar, Regina, and Leo a scourge on humanity. Her comments serve as a moral compass for the audience.
Cal is a slightly bumbling and mild-mannered black servant who very indirectly protests Oscar’s monopolization of the area’s hunting rights by offhandedly mentioning how his friends would “give anything for a little piece of that meat.” Cal offers the audience a little comedic relief amidst all the drama in the household.

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