Harmony Romances Cast and Crew

Phil Palmer(Russell) – I am playing Russell in this show and have reprised the role from the previous production of Ladies of Harmony, although this time you get to actually see and hear me in a bigger, more visible role.  In case you don’t remember, I was the one who “spiked” the coffee for the ladies.  I hope that the continuation of the story is as enjoyable as the first.  This is my first time back on stage this season.  Thank you for supporting the arts during this show and many more to come.


Val Gahagan (Maud) – I’m very excited to have the opportunity to bring Maud back to life for this show and reunite with the Harmony ladies again. She has been my favorite character to portray so far, so getting to reprise her is a treat. It’s been a fun cast to work with and we hope you enjoy the antics in Harmony again. In real life I try to curb my “Maud” a bit so I can preserve my marriage of 23 years and family of 7 children and 1 daughter-in-law. When I’m not hanging out at the theater, I can usually be found homeschooling kids or running them to various activities.

Rebecca Wagstaff (Addie) – I moved to the Zanesville area nearly two years ago and was immediately drawn to the creative community here. This was natural attraction as I work as solopreneur marketing consultant and designer for more than fifteen symphonies, philharmonics and performing arts organizations nationwide. I am also a painter and have had a life-long love affair with all of the arts. I have found few places with as much enthusiasm and talent as I have experienced in this community. I am proud to be part of it.This is the second season for me at Zanesville Community Theatre. Last year I was part of the ensemble of ‘Oliver’ and played Addie in the ZCT presentation of ‘The Ladies of Harmony.’ Now here I am again recreating the role of Addie, and I couldn’t be more delighted. I remember reading a quote something to the effect that you know you’re getting old when you walk around the puddles instead of through them. That’s why I love this character. She never abandons her inner child.

I am extremely fortunate to be working with a fantastic cast and crew, most of whom are ‘over thirty’ and not one would walk around a puddle. Here’s to the forever young! Thanks to them, and friends and family for all their love and support.

Laurel DuBeck (Grace) – 20 year resident of Zanesville, living with husband and pets.  I’ve been involved in community theatre for over 35 years in both Cambridge and Zanesville, from costuming and sound to stage manager and actor.  This is such a fun way to spend my free time!  These Ladies of Harmony with their Harmony Romances, has been a great bonding experience, and dragging out my tacky earrings for the part of Grace is always a treat for me!  I collect them, and have over 300 pair!  If anyone is looking for something to do in the evenings, try community theatre – you won’t regret it and may even make a new friend or two!


Lura Brannon (Marilyn) – Lura is very happy to be performing in her third show here at ZCT. She feels that she has grown as much as her characters have aged. From portraying 14 yr old Jean in August:Osage County to a tree-holding villager in Young Frankenstein, to one of the zany middle-aged church ladies in the basement of Harmony Church, Lura has had a variety of experiences on this very stage in the past year. She is very grateful to the casts and crews for taking her in and teaching her the ropes. She looks forward to working with many of them again and again in years to come, with the continuing support of her newlywed husband and son, of course.
David Kerr (Pastor Bob) – I grew up in Zanesville but had never heard of ZCT.  After returning home from spending 20 years in the Air Force and moving all over the world, one day a good friend asked if I’d like to see a show at the local community theater.  I didn’t know what to expect and my expectations weren’t very high, but by the end of the show I was very impressed.  That was a little over four years ago.  Now this show marks my 12th time on stage here at ZCT and the only way they can keep me away is to lock me out.  (Oh wait, I have a key.)As for my real life when I’m not enjoying the fantasy of the theater, I work for the City of Zanesville in the Engineering Department as an engineering technician/construction inspector.  I’ve been married to my wonderful wife, Rita, for 30 years and we have four children ranging in age from 26 to 16 and a 5 month old grandson.
Jan Kiikka (Leah) – has been involved in one aspect of production or another at ZCT for over 20 years. Jan just retired in May 2012 from Franklin Local Schools, though she will still be the drama producer at Philo High School. Jan and her husband, Niel, live in the McIntire Terrace with their five dogs and one cat (and turtles and fish).

Jim Hester (Howard) – Acting Experience: 1983-1984 Studied at Big Apple Productions @ Long Island NY & Performed in (2) two cafe productions in Manhattan,NY.  When I was not preforming in the play I was involved in all other aspects of the production for any & all other shows that we put on.  From 1989-1990 I was a member of Dallas Alley Players, Dallas Texas and performed in (5) five Outdoor Plays and worked in all aspects of productions. Including Production of scenery, Lighting & Sound, Prop Management & All Other Areas. From 2001-2007 I began performing as a Front Man for a Local D.J. by the name of Turtle Tracks. It was my job to get the crowd warmed up for the Feature Band(s) that were appearing @ that Venue. I Danced, Sang, Interacted with the crowd and got the party started. In the process of doing this I became a character & a natural fixture on James Island & Down Town Charleston,SC known as “Cowboy”.  I was in demand by the college students, Cadets from the Citadel, & tourists that came to James Island, SC. I was their guide to the places of interest & entertained them along the way. Some of what I did was scripted & choreographed; most was improvised. I only left that gig for health reasons & have been down since February 2007. I am just now coming back into the acting business that I love so much now that most of the problems I had have been corrected.


Production Staff

Nancy Hynds (Director) – I have been involved in theater for the past 36 years. I have done a little of everything, starting out behind the scenes as props mistress and costumer to stage manager, then producing and directing. I have also been on stage in many productions, in chorus parts, supporting parts, and leads. Theater has always been my “release” from everyday responsibilities.

I work at the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center in the payroll department. I am the choir director and ladies circle leader at Market Street Baptist Church and have been involved with ladies ministries on the State and National levels.

After having such a good time directing The Ladies of Harmony last year, I was pleased to find this “companion” play was available. I am thrilled to have four of the same gals back to re-play their characters in this production. Though two of those characters are not in this version, we have been lucky enough to have those ladies as part of our production staff. We are also excited to have a new female and three gentlemen involved this time around.

It has been fun planning the movement, honing and developing our characters, and becoming a cohesive unit. We hope you have as much fun watching as we have had pulling it all together.

Susan Stotts (Producer) – Susan has worked with ZCT since her first role as Bobbie Michelle in Last of the Red Hot Lovers in 1976. For the next 15 years she spent much time on stage and backstage, playing parts such as Aldonza in Man of LaMancha and Dolly in Hello Dolly, filling chorus roles, directing Harvey, producing our first runs of Annie and Little Shop of Horrors among many other shows, building sets, running props, stage managing and cleaning bathrooms. In 1990 she married Bob Stotts, Jr. and discovered that she enjoyed spending time at home with him. This show is one of her occasional ventures back to ZCT, prompted by the opportunity to work with her sister, Nancy (No, they don’t kill each other) and with the ladies of Harmony once more.  Enjoy the show.