Amy Underwood, Director / Angel Palmer, Producer
Written by Zanesville native Christopher Scott Brooks


Christopher Brooks – playwright

For many years Christopher Scott Brooks has worked as a film music producer, supervisor, and editor with over 250 films and TV shows (Goodfellas, Pirates of the Caribbean, Galavant) to his credit. He has had the good fortune to travel the world, working with some of the most successful directors, composers, and musicians. Brooks is also an adjunct professor at USC and a frequent lecturer at New York University and Johns Hopkins University.  He has penned two textbooks that are part of the curriculum of several universities. Among his other writings are cookbooks, screenplays, television pilots, short stories, and magazine articles. His first novel, The Five-Year Plan, is available where you buy books. Brooks is currently working on his second novel and another stage play.

Amy Underwood - Director

Amy Underwood is a nearly fifty - year veteran of area community theatre productions. She has been involved in many aspects of production, including lighting, publicity, stage managing, properties and front of house duties. She has also been onstage in a wide variety of productions over the years, including drama, both contemporary and classical, as well as many productions of Shakespeare. She is looking forward to a second successful collaboration on an original script with Christopher Scott Brooks and Angel Palmer.

Angel Palmer - Producer

Angel has been involved in community theater since 2000. She loves the opportunities the theater has given her to create an extended family and develop lifelong friendships.
Angel has been involved in all aspects of theater; from running crew and manning the follow spot, to producing and directing. While she loves being onstage, she also loves being behind the scenes helping make those on-stage shine.

It is an honor for her to be part of a premier production and is looking forward to watching the actors give life to these characters.

She is thankful to Eric, Val, Pam, and Phil for always supporting her crazy ideas and to Amy for bringing peace to her crazy life. She is also grateful to Christopher Brooks for writing a show that allows her to meet new friends and make new memories.

Let's get back to the theatre! With a premier of an original script!

We will be auditioning on Sunday, June 27 and Monday, June 28 - IN PERSON!! at the Zanesville Community Theatre - 940 Findley Avenue - 7:00 PM. Cold readings, no need to bring prepared audition pieces. Performances are scheduled for September 10 - 12 and 17 - 19.

Hope to see YOU there.

Synopsis and character list - All roles available at the time of auditions:

It’s a Wednesday afternoon near Christmas and the last day of the Wilsonville News Observer. The staff carries on business as usual. Jack the editor gives final orders, Liz goes off to check the police blotter, and Deb selects some Dear Santa letters to print. Bubba slips out to the nearby high school for a last minute photo op at the girl’s volleyball tournament. The nebbish Norman Abbott, functionary of the new owners, comes by to close the books, and the new intern Shawn reports to work for his first and, as it turns out, last day. Suddenly, the normal routine is interrupted by the biggest news event in the paper’s history, and they have 80 minutes to deadline.

Jack Kelly – Editor - Jack (60s) is an experienced former Chicago Tribune reporter and editor. After brief stints in small town television and other media outlets, has return to his hometown weekly. Jack is a dedicated newsman, no matter the medium.
Deb Dingle – Senior Reporter – Deb (50s) has lived in the community for her entire life. Seasoned reporter, no nonsense, well-loved and trusted in the community, she lives to serve her neighbor.
Liz Thompson – Reporter – Younger than Deb (30s) loudmouth with a heart of gold. Been around more than one block. Pro reporter, returned to the area after a stint on a big city paper in Baltimore. Always searching for her next adventure.
Clarence “Bubba” Wilson – High School Sports Reporter/Photographer—Bubba (40s) was a high school athlete and still thinks that he is. Despite jock exterior, he is an exceptional photographer. There is a love/hate relationship in the newsroom with Bubba, but Bubba only wants to be loved.
Shawn Seavers – Intern – (20s) Is a smart, handsome, over-achieving journalism student; a quick wit, quick on the computer and quick to judgment. He is the adopted African-American son of the president of the Chamber of Commerce and is constantly trying to find a way out of the shadow of his father.
Norman Abbott – Vice President of finance at Childers Communication  - Norman (50s) is a squirrelly, nebbish, shadow of a man; he is all business, but may have a soft side. He is a company man through and through, and regrets it, longing for his old life as a reporter.
Gene Johnson – Janitor – Gene (70s) was, until recently, the much-loved janitor of Wilsonville High School. He dedicated his life to his loving wife and to the well-being of the students of Wilsonville High.

For Auditions: Non-vaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask

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